Fall Series: Food Craft Classes

Fall Series: Food Craft Classes 

Slow Food Yolo is pleased to announce its Fall Series of hands-on food craft courses, coordinated by Slow Food Yolo CoLeader Ann M. Evans, and held at her home in Davis. All classes are limited to 6 participants and last roughly 2 hours.

Cost: $55  ($45 plus $10 materials fee). Payment in advance is required to reserve a seat. All proceeds go to Slow Food Yolo. You may make payment by mail to:

Slow Food Yolo

PO Box 72431
Davis, CA 95617

No refunds (will be a donation to Slow Food Yolo).

September 9, 2012 – Sunday 2-4 PM
Making Tiramisu with Chef Jonathon Moon

Learn how to make a heavenly tiramisu, the Italian layered dessert made with ladyfingers dipped in coffee, in time for the holidays and take one home with you. Participants will prepare their own tiramisu, guided by Chef Moon each step of the way. Guests will taste a tiramisu and toast their accomplishment with some sparkling wine.

  • Participants will receive a tiramisu recipe from Chef Moon that he has been using for a decade, learned from Mrs. Lupino outside of Florence, Italy, and perfected with Roberto Bechi, formerly President of Slow Food Siena, Italy. Participants take home their own container of tiramisu.
  • Participants bring their own tiramisu dish (8×3 inch round glass bowl or footed trifle glass dish, or a 8×10 rectangular dish for the tiramisu; apron; hand mixer.

October 14, 2012  – Sunday 2-4 PM  Class Full.
Pickling the Old Fashioned Way with Cathy Suematsu

This course will go over the basics of fermentation and produce sauerkraut, cucumber pickles and hot mustard to take home. Participants will taste cucumber pickles, okra pickles, sauerkrauts, kim chees, chili sauce, and mustard. Cathy is a Capay Valley resident and has been doing home fermentation of food products for many years.

  • Participants take home sauerkraut, cucumber pickles and hot mustard.
  • Participants bring 2 half-gallon, wide mouth jars with lids (one for pickles and the other for sauerkraut) and 1 half-pint, wide mouth jar with lid for mustard.

November 4, 2012  – Sunday 2-4 PM Class Canceled.
Cooking with Quince with Ann Evans

The quince, like the apple, is a member of the rose family. This hands-on class will show you how to make quince digestif (after dinner liquor) as well as quince slices in light vanilla syrup, to serve as a compote for dessert or to accompany any savory dish.

  • Participants will receive a recipe developed by Ann and take home a quince digestif in the making, and a jar of quince slices in light vanilla syrup.
  • Participants bring one-half gallon vodka (cheaper the better); one gallon glass jar with lid, one one-pint jar with lid.

Contact Allegra Roth for reservation, location at arroth@ucdavis.edu; or Ann M. Evans at ann@annmevans.com.